Education Center

Becoming a Good Mentor
Mentoring is the process of guiding someone to achieve a big-picture goal.
Cerebellar Stroke
A review of the anatomical structures of the cerebellum and its vasculature, information on the pathophysiology and etiology of cerebellar stroke, as well as the prevalence and prognosis.
Clinical Decision Making
Foundational framework for clinical decision-making allowing the learner to applyt framework to patient cases.
Clinical Practice Guideline to Improve Locomotor Function: Maximizing Locomotor Recovery in Individuals with Neurologic Conditions
Learn to implement the Locomotor CPG by using case studies and resources.
Contraversive Pushing: Physical Therapy Assessment and Management following Stroke
A clinical foundation for understanding and treating Contraversive Pushing
Core Outcome Measures: 10 Meter and 6 Minute Walk Testing
The standardized administration of two recommended measures, the 10 Meter Walk Test and the 6 Minute Walk Test.
Core Outcome Measures: Berg Balance Scale
Review the standardized administration of the Berg Balance Scale, including equipment set up needs, patient instructions and accurate scoring.
Core Outcome Measures: Five Times Sit to Stand and ABC Scale
Review the standardized administration of two recommended measures, the Five Times Sit to Stand Test and the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale.
Core Outcome Measures: Functional Gait Assessments
Review the standardized administration of one recommended measure, the Functional Gait Assessment.
Core Outcome Measures: Score Interpretation and Continuum Use
Review three of the action statements related to patient-stated goals, use of the core set across the continuum, and collaborative decision making.
Decision making for patient prognosis post-stroke: Navigating the continuum of care
A didactic and interactive electronic format to assist in assessment, predicting outcomes and making prognostic clinical decisions for people post-stroke across the continuum of care.
Differential Diagnosis and Management of Vestibular Migraine vs Meniere’s Disease
An interactive case-based learning experience of two commonly encountered and confused diagnoses.